Biocontainment Laboratory

The biocontainment lab of SPIEZ LABORATORY enables safe handling of human pathogens of hazard categories 3 and 4.

Main fields:

  • Diagnostics

    Primary diagnostics for highly contagious hazard 3 and 4 pathogens whose treatment is problematic. This also includes an extensive differential diagnostics. The laboratory is also able to provide national references for defined pathogens.
  • Analysis of unknown (environmental) samples

    Triage of unknown samples for analysis: This is done within the context of operational tasks relating to managing incidents. Among other skills it includes the ability to analyse suspect samples of unknown content. Experience has shown that for this task the competencies relating to N, B and C protection must be merged. This requirement is uniquely met at SPIEZ LABORATORY.
  • Training

    Experts can be trained for hazard category 4 in a lab unit that has been especially devised for this purpose. Link to biosafety training
  • Research and Development

    The security lab is open to research and development projects
    • for diagnostic requirements (e.g. development of new test methods both for known and unknown pathogens)
    • for prevention and treatment (e.g. research projects for the development of new vaccines).


Dr. Benjamin Weber

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