Detection and Decontamination

Testing toxic chemical detectors

To this day, no-one has managed to unite parameters such as sensitivity, speed, low rate of false positive and negative alarms, selectivity, robustness, user-friendliness etc. in a single instrument: A perfect detection device does not exist. We test and compare existing detection instruments through measurements with genuine chemical agents and other compounds.

We use both qualitative and quantitative techniques for tests with gaseous substances:

  • For qualitative tests we have a large selection of substances for sniff tests available.
  • On our combat agent enrichment apparatus we perform quantitative measurements with a few substances.

For testing other instruments (e.g. infrared, Raman), we mainly use liquids and solids. Here too we are able to choose from a large number of substances.

Testing agents that detoxify chemical warfare agents

Decontamination agents vary both in consistency and chemical composition. Accordingly, they destroy the poisons in different ways. We have developed a method by which we are able to determine the efficiency of a decontamination agent in small scale.

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