Organic Synthesis

Our infrastructure allows the safe synthesis of small amounts of toxic compounds for research, testing and training purposes. We use GC/MS und NMR systems for reaction controls and purity tests.

We are currently able to supply more than 1,500 compounds from our stocks. Substances that cannot be supplied are synthesised in our laboratories. Each synthetic step is optimised in such a way that the target substance is as pure as possible. The essential characteristics of all reference chemicals are stored in a database. This makes it possible to easily and rapidly trace origin and history of our chemicals. For security reasons and due to confidentiality, an inventory of the chemicals cannot be published on-line. The following product groups can be delivered:

  • G substances such as sarin, soman, GF;
  • GA substances such as tabun;
  • V substances such as VX;
  • Sulphur-yperites such as yperite, sesqui and O-yperite;
  • Lewisites (Lewisite 1, 2 and 3);
  • Nitrogen-yperites (HN1, 2 and 3);
  • (Thio)phosphonate-di-halogenides such as methyl-phosphonat-dichlorid and DF;
  • (Thio)phosphonate-chloridates such as chlorsarin und chlorsoman;
  • (Thio)phosphate-amid-di-halogenide;
  • (Thio)phosphate-amid-ester;
  • 2-chlor- / 2-hydroxy / 2-mercapto-ethyl-amine group;
  • Amino-ethyl-sulphide and disulphide group;
  • Hydrolysis products of nerve toxins such as (thio)phosphonic acids, (thio)phosphonate-mono-esters, pyro-compounds;
  • Hydrolysis and oxidation products of S-yperites such as di-hydroxy, sulfoxide und sulfonic acid homologies
  • Nerve agent and yperite-aminoacid bio adducts

We provide reference chemicals for the following specific applications:

  • Development of analytic methods for identifying chemicals
  • Unambiguous and quantitative identification in analytical tests
  • Development and extension of analytical databases
  • Testing detection and warning systems
  • Testing protective equipment such as filters and protective clothing
  • Testing of decontamination solutions and decontamination systems

Orders and dispatch

Reference compounds can be delivered to member states of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). We like to point out specifically that our substances may be used for non-prohibited purposes only (CWC, Art. II (9)).

We organise the safe dispatch of ordered compounds with regard to national and international transport regulations. Transfer between both partners must be based on mutual agreement and conducted in a coordinated manner.

List 1 compounds

Special regulations apply to the special case of List 1 chemicals (CWC. or national edicts of the treaty states). According to the CWC a laboratory is allowed to use List 1 chemicals whose total amount does not exceed 100 g without reporting to the national authorities and the OPCW, as long as they serve purposes not prohibited by the Convention.

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