The most modern measuring facilities, qualified personnel and correspondingly accredited testing laboratories guarantee that our services and training options are of the highest quality.

We cover a wide range of tasks: from elaborating and preserving expertise to developing and providing measuring, analysing and testing procedures through all fields relevant to NBC protection. Our highly specialised expertise and analytical work in the laboratory provide the basis for systematically testing NBC protection technologies.

Our permanent tasks also include arms control tasks relating to NBC weapons, addressing special environmental safety issues and the safeguarding of radiation protection within the DDPS. Finally, we also are obliged to provide information: We provide expert information on issues relating to NBC protection and arms control, not only for certain interest groups but also for the general public.

Services of the specialist fields:

  • Physics
    • Special environmental analysis and radiochemistry
    • Climate chamber
    • Radon measuring post for determining the radon concentration in federal buildings
  • Biology
    • Primary diagnosis of clinical samples for the detection of extremely lethal pathogens and toxins
    • Environmental and food analyses
    • National reference lab functions
    • Biocontainment laboratory
    • Biosafety training
  • Chemistry
    • Verification by analysis
    • Synthesis of reference chemicals
    • Testing of detection instruments
    • Vocational training
  • NBC-Protection
    • Testing of materials
    • Testing of collective protection
    • Testing of personal protection
    • Advisory service for first response forces

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