DDPS Radiation Protection VBS

To carry out its many tasks, the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sports (DDPS) has at its disposal a number of materials and systems with radioactive substances (e.g. de-icing warning system in the Superpuma helicopter) or runs facilities, which generate ionising rays (e. g. x-ray machines). The DDPS, like any private or industrial firm must satisfy the obligations of radiation protection legislation, which are monitored by the Federal Office for Public Health (SFOPH) and SUVA.

To ensure coordination between the DDPS and the authorities, to facilitate the consistent implementation of the legal provision and to provide users with expert training, the DDPS General Secretariat (GS DDPS) set up the DDPS centre of expertise on radiation protection. This is integrated within the SPIEZ LABORATORY which is also part of the Federal Office for Civil Protection. An important task is cooperation on the procurement as well as the disposal of military or Protection & Support material which contains radioactive substances. All DDPS staff and members of the army benefit its expertise. The DDPS centre of expertise also primarily serves to protect people and the environment.

Main tasks:

  • Ensuring compliance of legal provisions within radiation protection.
  • Information centre on radiation protection (radioactivity, protective measures, etc.).
  • Providing support to those in charge of radiation protection.
  • Central point of contact for supervisory and granting authorities.
  • Coordination of radiation protection training.


Markus Zürcher

André Pignolet

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