On- and Off-Site Analysis

On-site analysis

  • On-site measurements to determine existing natural and man-made radionuclides (accredited in STS 0028 as in situ gamma spectrometry)
  • Nuclear-forensic data-gathering from relevant sampling material
  • Measurements of contamination and incorporation by persons and objects (mobile thyroid monitoring station, mobile whole body counter, mobile sample measuring station, hand-held equipment).

Off-site analysis:

  • Measuring the radioactivity in (self-sampled) material (accredited in STS 0028).
  • Testing laboratory for radionuclide concentration in environmental or food samples and in samples of various types and origins. For these tasks we use on the one hand instruments for analytical methods that are based on the non-destructive measurement and evaluation of gamma ray emission of the test material. On the other hand, we use radiochemical analytical methods that rely on extracting the relevant radionuclides from the test material in for measuring and evaluating the nuclear decay (alpha and beta radiation).
  • Nuclear forensic measurement of the radioactivity in samples (accredited in STS 0028)

Further Information

Dr. Rolf Althaus
Head of the Radioactivity Branch

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