Testing of Individual Protection

Testing laboratory for adsorbents and respiratory protection filters STS 0022

  • Testing of adsorbents for protecting the airways of military personnel
  • Testing of gas retention capacity of respirator filters in accordance with DIN EN 14387
  • Testing of aerosol retention performance of HEPA – ULPA filters in accordance with EN 1822
  • Testing of NBC filters for collective protective installations

Integral chemicals protection testing (ICP), gaseous or aerosol (MIST chamber)

  • Calculation of overall protection factor according to the BRHA method
  • Detection of weak points (local protection factors)

Measurement of internal leakage of NBC masks

  • Method comparable with DIN EN 136 with helium as test substance
  • Individual leakage test with TSI® PortaCount Pro


Dr. Gilles Richner

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