By constantly analysing current threats and dangers, we ensure that suitable precautions are taken to handle CBRNE incidents and that our equipment meets the requirements for comprehensive and well balanced protection.

On behalf of the Federal Office for Civil Protection, its partner organisations and the armed forces we test and analyse materials and systems for individual and collective NBC protection, we work out the theoretical and experimental foundations relating to the protection of skin and airways as well as the mechanical effects of explosions.

We support the authorities responsible for national NBC protection in procuring protective equipment and we direct the FOCP certification office in charge of quality management for protective structure components subject to compulsory testing.

  • Testing laboratory for adsorbents and breathing apparatus filters STS 0022
  • Testing laboratory for synthetics and rubber STS 0036
  • STS 0055 accredited testing laboratory – test authorities for NBC protection equipment as well as facilities and installations for protective structures
  • FOCP certification office
  • Certification office for NBC protection components

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