The NBC-Protection Division uses the latest threat and hazard analyses to ensure that the appropriate measures are taken to protection against CBRNE events. It must also ensure that protective equipment and installations fulfil the stringent requirements needed to provide comprehensive and adequate protection should such an event occur. The efficient and appropriate provision of these services requires the use of fundamental scientific concepts and knowledge, not to mention close collaboration with a range of public and private partners.

Testing and analysing individual and collective protective equipment and systems on behalf of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and the Swiss Armed Forces is another important part of the work carried out by the NBC-Protection Division. It also documents and develops the fundamentals, both theoretical and experimental, of dermal and respiratory protection and the mechanical action of explosions. In addition, our staff shares its expertise and knowledge with national NBC-Protection agencies to guarantee the procurement of the appropriate and effective protective equipment and systems.

The NBC-Protection Division heads up the unit within the Federal Office of Civil Protection (FOCP) which is in charge of quality management in relation to the licensing of protective shelter components that are subject to mandatory testing.

Dr. Mario Burger Head:
Daniel Jordi

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