The Virology Section is specialized in the detection of human pathogenic viruses of the biosafety levels 2- 4, which can be used as biological warfare agents and/or are of epidemiological significance for national civil protection.

International networking and memberships in European networks such as the ENIVD (European network for the diagnosis of "Imported" Viral Diseases; and QUANDHIP (Quality Assurance Exercises and Networking on the Detection of Highly Infectious Pathogens; ensure scientific exchange in viral diagnostics. As member of the EMLab project (European Mobile Laboratory Project: we train on-site detection of viral human pathogens (e.g. Ebola virus).

Primary and secondary diagnostics (see Services) are performed according to international standards and include classical virological and the latest molecular biological methods. Primary and secondary diagnostics of biosafety level 3 and 4 viruses are carried out for the regional laboratory network (centre-west, Cantonal Laboratory of Bern). External quality assurance is guaranteed through regular participation in national and international laboratory proficiency testing (inter-laboratory tests). (ENIVD, EQA, QCMD, RCPAQAP).

In various research projects with national and international (academic) institutions and with the support of the military centres of competence armasuisse and NBC EOD, we are



Dr. Olivier Engler


Dr. Christian Beuret
Yelena Ruedin
Sarah Ryter
Denise Siegrist
Dr. Roland Züst

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