The Chemistry Division focuses on threats from chemical warfare agents and related toxic chemicals. For the protection of the public, it operates instrumentation and develops the required expertise for evaluation, prevention and mitigation of such threats. It supports civil authorities and Swiss Armed Forces in their related activities. Through cooperation with international organisations, specialist institutes and equipment manufacturers the Chemistry Division stays abreast of the latest scientific developments in its field.

The Chemistry Division also has a dedicated Arms Control Section, which supports relevant units of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) with the implementation of both the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and the Australia Group export control regime. The Division also acts as the reporting centre for the declarations required by the CWC from the Swiss chemical industry.

As member of the DDPS Emergency Response Team, the Chemistry Division ensures that sufficient expertise, specialists and technical resources are available to deal with C terror incidents.

To promote the next generation of specialists, the Chemistry Division accepts two apprentices every year for training as laboratory technicians (for the federal diploma of vocational education and training).

Stefan Mogl Head:
Stefan Mogl

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