Logistics, Quality, Safety and Security

The staff of the logistics sector, Logistics Quality, Safety and Security carry out interdisciplinary functions for SPIEZ LABORATORY and provide on-site support. They are responsible for seamless operation of the enterprise and operate as an internal service provider. As delegate of the management board, Mauro Zanni is also in charge of operation, maintenance and extension of the quality and security management system.

Mauro Zanni Head:
Mauro Zanni

Finance and Controlling

It supports both management board and staff with the goal-oriented elaboration and cost effective implementation of financial plans. Furthermore, comparisons are made between goals and actual statuses, deviations are analysed, and reports are made for internal decision-making bodies and third parties.

Alexander Werlen Head:
Alexander Werlen

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Integral Safety and Security

The Integral Safety and Security Management System at Spiez Laboratory

At Spiez Laboratory, we work with radioactive substances, micro-organisms, toxins and chemical (warfare) agents. We take the measures required to protect human and animal life and the environment against negative effects. In doing so, we adhere to the principles of the SL Integral Safety and Security Management System that implements and meets all OHSAS 18001 Safety and Security requirements in the relevant sectors.