The Radioactivity Section of SPIEZ LABORATORY is specialised in measuring radioactivity whether for instance in a ground sample or in the case of a radiological or nuclear incident. For this purpose the section conducts measurements to monitor ‘everyday life’. In addition, it is prepared to conduct measurements in the event of elevated radiation levels. Its wide range of expertise facilitates the development of new measuring methods and the update of existing ones.

Implementation of these measuring aspects results in the various activities of the Radioactivity Section:

  • Lab analyses (measuring levels of radioactivity in samples within the context of the accredited test laboratory STS0028) and participation in inter-laboratory tests.
  • NUCLEAR EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM (this element is part of the monitoring and task force organisation for the case of increased radioactivity and provides for example a mobile laboratory where thyroid gland contamination can be measured on location)
  • Research projects (safeguarding expertise through international and national cooperation)
  • Involvement in numerous national and international work groups and standardisation groups (e.g. collaboration in the compilation of measurement norms or the elaboration of [operational] concepts)
  • Training activities (NBC Defence Laboratory 1 for support in the event of increased radioactivity)
  • Radiation protection (to protect own personnel)

Dr. Rolf Althaus

Markus Astner
Fabian Hauenstein
Dr. Nina Mosimann

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