Radiochemistry / Inorganic Analysis

The Radiochemistry / Inorganic Analysis Branch tests environmental samples such as water, soil, plants, dust, food, technical products and unknown samples for contamination with pollutants, in particular toxic heavy metals. Along with tests for radionuclides, chemical agents and biological pathogens the environmental analysis complements efforts to give a comprehensive threat estimate of a situation.

The activities of the Radiochemistry / Inorganic Analysis Branch comprise:

  • Provision of services of the Radiochemistry / Inorganic Analysis Branch accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025;
  • Management and conduct of environmental investigations and according to the needs of clients
  • Analysis of environmental samples for the presence of toxic heavy metals
  • Interpretation and documentation of results of environmental investigations on the basis of relevant legislation
  • Support of national and international projects with special analytical methods and the engagement of specialists
  • Specialised forensic analytical methods
  • Environmental tests in the environmental test chamber (KLIRA)
  • Training of laboratory technicians (federal VET diploma in chemistry)

Marc Stauffer

Dr. José Corcho
Regula Gosteli
Jasmin Ossola
Dr. Stefan Röllin
Hans Sahli
Cédric von Gunten

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