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Dr. Marc Cadisch
Dr. Marc Cadisch

Dear readers,

The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction remains one of the major problems for our security, and considering global developments, the corresponding challenges for Swiss security policy have not become any easier. This is a reality for intelligence services and police authorities alike, as well as for civil protection and NBC protection.

Spiez Laboratory is active in all areas of security policy. In the event of increased radioactivity, we are a key part of the monitoring and emergency taskforce. We are committed to international arms control. We carry out forensic work as part of counter-terrorism efforts and, as a designated laboratory for international organisations, the primary aim of our activities is to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

At Spiez we permanently strive to establish and maintain modern, accurate and efficient analysis and diagnostic capabilities in order to meet our civil protection responsibilities. Our methods and measuring equipment are put through their paces regularly in inter-laboratory proficiency tests, and during international exercises with competent partners.

Not only are we active within our laboratory facilities: mobile measuring systems form an integral part of our legal mandate for national NBC protection. Spiez Laboratory response teams are well equipped and fully integrated into national measurement organisations (page 10). Close cooperation with the NBC Defence Laboratory 1 of the Swiss armed forces guarantees operational readiness over a long period of time, particularly during major incidents.

Our experts are well-established in national and international networks. We also seek to establish new research partnerships, and provide academic internships in Spiez for MSc. and Ph.D students from Switzerland and abroad. Thanks to our international experience, we continuously incorporate new developments into our existing scientific and technical expertise and are therefore able to optimise our services on behalf of Switzerland’s civil protection system.

Effective NBC protection is only possible if we recognise threat situations and risks early on, anticipate the kind of expertise that will be called for in the future and develop it accordingly, and if we provide essential up-to-date equipment. In this way we will be able to respond to a crisis quickly and flexibly. Without the engagement and creativity of competent experts this would be impossible. I wish to warmly and sincerely thank the staff of Spiez Laboratory for their excellent work and commitment.

Dr. Marc Cadisch, Director SPIEZ LABORATORY

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