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Spiez Laboratory is a sector of the Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP) in the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS). Together with the NBC EOD Centre of Competence, which is part of the Armed Forces Joint Staff, Spiez Laboratory forms the NBC Centre Spiez.

Payroll (1st January 2021)

Personnel strength per 1st January 2021
Total staff,
Consisting of:
- Academics 31
- Technicians/engineers 14
- Technical professionals 43
- Commercial professionals           8
- Apprentices 9


Swiss authorities

  • Armasuisse
  • NBC EOD Centre of Competence of the Armed Forces (Armed Forces Joint Staff)
  • Federal Commission for NBC Protection
  • General Secretariat DDPS
  • Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA)
  • State Secretary for Economic Affairs (SECO)
  • Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)
  • NBC Defence Corps
  • Various cantonal authorities

International organisations

  • Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  • World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

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