Arms control

„Switzerland seeks to prevent further proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction and to achieve their complete abolition.“

(Report 2010 of the Federal Council on Switzerland’s Security Policy)

Switzerland attaches great importance to international arms control and non-proliferation efforts. As an institute working in the interests of national and international security, Spiez Laboratory is steadfastly committed to mitigating the threat from weapons of mass destruction. We support the implementation and wide application of international disarmament and arms control treaties with the following services:

  • Consultations for the FDFA, seco und export control groups
  • Expertise for Swiss representatives in disarmament negociations
  • Participation in disarmament negociations
  • Provision of substances, analyses and data to international organisations
  • Measurement exercises
  • Arms control inspector training
  • Completion of allocated tasks among national authorities
  • Increasing awareness for the dual use problem

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